C.R.E.W. Youth Group

Meet the New Hope C.R.E.W.! C.R.E.W. stands for Christians Ready, Equipped, and Willing. We build our youth into disciples that can help spread the Word of God on a level meant for them.

What we offer through youth group

Our youth group is a place to allow kids and teens to feel comfortable discussing the Word of God with each other. We meet in the parsonage on the church grounds once a month, which we are turning into a space just for them. The youth group also goes on special trips to local events, concerts, the bowling alley, and more.

Building Relationships

We want to offer a friendly, safe place that kids and teens can hang out and build friendships.

Growing in Christ

Through our group, we hope to teach the youth more about Jesus, and how to strengthen their relationship with Him.


We strive to teach youth to become disciples in their community by giving back and helping others.

For information about any of these ministries, please contact the church office at (252) 527-1479. Thanks!